How to use Never Eat Alone

The free Never Eat Alone app is very simply.

When you first open it, it will ask your location and you will see a map of where you are at the moment.

The app has three simple screens that are always available at the bottom.

1. Screen – Map

The map contains events (we call them meets) of other users. You can tap on the event and see who created it. We do not use data from other sources, but only those indicated by the creator himself. He usually posts his photo, indicates his interests and, of course, tells the time and place.

We also provide How to find me – so that if you cannot find each other in a restaurant or café, you have another option of communication.

If you are interested in an meet, you click on the I am interested button and wait for the organizer’s response. Usually within 15 minutes the creator of the event confirms your participation and you can plan your day further with one successfully Meet!

2. Screen – My Meets

If you want to create your own event, then tap on a convenient place on the map and a form will pop up for you where you indicate information about yourself, your interests, upload your photo and create an event on the map. After saving, the Meet becomes available to other users, and they can ask to confirm their participation. You know what to do!

Currently we limit anyone to create 2 meets during next 2 hours from current time.

Screen -Interested

When you request confirmation of participation, such a request goes here. You can see the status of such requests, view details, time and place, or cancel them.

Tab on the request and see the current status of it


Never Eat Alone does not collect any information about you or your location. We do not store photos, chats. All information is updated every time you launch the application. Please read Terms of Services and Privacy Policy 

It is important for us to maintain your privacy. Use the app for fun, but be careful!

Never Eat Alone

Never Eat Alone app is about effective networking.


Never Eat Alone app is about effective networking.

You can simply, anonymously find an interesting person for lunch or dinner, or just have a cup of coffee to discuss topics that interest both of you.

This free app is very easy to use – you open a map and see who is nearby ready to keep you company. Tap on the event, fill simple form and wait for a response from the organizer.

If you don’t want to wait, click on the map and create your own event. Try to be interesting when you filling information about you.

In the modern world, there is little time left to find new acquaintances or friends. Why don’t you use your lunchtime or free evening for that?

With Never Eat Alone app do not lose your chance to make the world closer or at least have a delicious meal together! 

Have a fun!

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